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Value-added prices

How do we reduce costs in the translation and localization services we provide?

  Highly competitive prices: High quality services require high costs, but if your company spends more than €10,000 annually, we will offer you highly competitive rates. Ask today for a company purchasing agreement.

  Reducing review time and other delays: When we provide translation services to, we are fully committed to delivering top quality translations that DO NOT require extra time from the client. We understand that the direct costs of translations are not all the possible extra costs that the client might have to bear later (time for reviewing, delays in time to market, lower customer satisfaction, etc.)

  Value-added prices: According to a competitive survey carried out in winter 2010 among 6 top European translation service providers, Agostini Associati’s price is just 4% higher than the average. We charge value-added prices. Our goal is to create a long-term relationship with our clients.

  Efficient processes and technology: If your company constantly delivers multilingual content, then it is very important to understand how different aspects of your whole product lifecycle can have an impact on translation costs. We can help you make your processes more efficient. Ask today about our translation cost process auditing service.


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