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Glossaries and style guides developed for your company

How do we guarantee consistency in the translation and localization services we provide?

Corporate terminology glossaries: All our translation services are available with an easy-to-use tool that increases consistency across multiple multilingual contents related to your brand: a multilingual glossary. A structured glossary is a necessity if different departments in your company need to simultaneously create a staggering amount of communications in a short time. Multilingual glossaries enable the translation team to translate all recurring words consistently and according to your approved style. So no matter how many translators work on your documents, they will always share the latest updated glossary tailor-made for your company, ensuring a high-level of consistency across departments. For more integrated brand terminology solutions, we will be happy to talk to you about the integrated terminology solution that we recommend and provide to large corporations.

  Corporate style guides: Alongside our range of translation services, during the initial writing phase we recommend that style guides be developed for each corporation. Style guides address numerous issues in the writing style used in documentation (tone of the document, cultural tips, preferred abbreviations, and pitfalls to avoid, etc.)

  Highly skilled translators following ISO 9001 workflow:
All of our translators are only native speakers, with a focused translation experience of at least 5 years in the client’s specific sector. Every single translator is carefully selected: their job is to ensure that the translation conforms fully to the expectations of the target audience, not only in terms of accuracy, but also in terms of the right `look and feel` of the final text.

  Double-checks: If the client has a multilingual glossary, the first item to be double-checked by a second translator is the consistency of terminology across documents.

  CAT technology tools: In each individual market your company has to create a staggering amount of communications: Websites, product catalogues, sales tools, marketing messages, branding, documentation, customer support guides, compliance documents, and more. What do they all have in common? All need to be translated. And all contain similar or identical, carefully-crafted text– recurring phrases that typically comprise 30% or more of your company’s communications. Our computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools help our translators to speed up the translation of same phrases again and again. This limits the introduction of new inconsistencies and greatly improves quality control, providing even more assurance of the consistency of your multinational communications.

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