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A specialized industry team in your market segment

How do we guarantee focused expertise in the translation and localization services we provide?

Dynamic ranking by industry of over 1,000 native speaker professional translators: All our translators and interpreters are native speakers only, with focused experience in a specific field. They must have at least 5 years of proven expertise in the client’s specific sector. Every single translator is carefully selected and their performance is monitored by tracking customer satisfaction and customer complaints.

  Specialized industry team: For eight major industries, we have at least one translator who checks and controls the work of the other, before and after delivery to the client (ex-post quality). Each translation project undergoes rigorous quality controls by another professional with a specific knowledge of the client’s field, making use of specialized industry glossaries as a form of benchmarking tool.

Our base of highly skilled translators is what gives us our strong competitive advantage. Located around the world, our translators bring essential linguistic, cultural and subject matter expertise to the translation and localization process. It is their job to ensure that the translation conforms fully to the expectations of the target audience, not only in terms of accuracy but also in terms of the right `look and feel` of the final text.

Worried about the cost/quality performance of your current translation provider? Contact our customer services department for a free cost estimate.

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