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231 brand/corporate glossaries developed in the last year

How do we guarantee that your brand speaks with a single global voice in the translation and localization services we provide?

125 advertising copy adaptations in the last year: Several FMCG companies and Advertising and Web agencies chose us to make certain that the foreign-language versions of their copy were as good as the original. Give us your existing source text, visual material, and a marketing brief; whereby, a second native speaker copywriter will adapt the translated copy, retaining the original idea and staying on brief. If your company needs to create an international advertising campaign and wants several proposals, we can provide you with 3 different advertising translation proposals, all explained in terms of positioning.

  231 brand/corporate glossaries developed in the last year: When you are talking about brand positioning, the choice of words matters a great deal. Words are what make your brand similar to (or different from) other brands. That is why all our translation services are available with an easy-to-use tool that increases consistency across multiple multilingual contents related to your brand: a multilingual glossary. A structured glossary is a necessity if you need similar positioning in different markets. Multilingual glossaries enable us (together with your marketing team) to translate all recurring words consistently and according to your approved style. For more integrated brand terminology solutions, we will be happy to show you the brand terminology book that we recommend and provide to international brands and corporations.

  67 style guides developed in the last year: Along with our range of translation services, during the initial writing phase we recommend that style guides be developed for each specific brand. Style guides address numerous issues in the writing style used in marketing documentation (tone of the document, cultural tips, associations between words and brand signs, preferred abbreviations, pitfalls to avoid, Web abbreviations, etc.)

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