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A dedicated Project Manager before, during and after each project

How do we guarantee great customer service in the translation and localization services we provide?

  94% customer loyalty rate: In the last year we retained 94% of our clients from the previous year. This single indicator is for us the most rewarding result, as it shows that practically all our clients are satisfied with our excellent level of service.

  87% of all phone calls answered within two rings in the last year: If you have any problem whatsoever with your translation, call us– your project manager will find you a solution, even on December 24th at 6pm! We know that in the real world problems do happen, and we are not afraid of troubleshooting unexpected problems. We want to meet and exceed  the expectations of our clients.

  Efficient project management: No matter how big and complex your project is, our project manager will organize and manage resources in such a way that these resources deliver all the translation work required to complete a project within well-defined time and cost constraints.

Always open for urgent and big projects: We are open all year round, even during national holidays when most of our big competitors close. 30% of our annual turnover comes from clients based in 5 different countries with different national holidays. It would be a tough choice to decide which national holiday plan to follow!

  Customer-friendly service: In many cases, the client`s first impression of an organization is formed by contact with its customer service staff. Our employees receive continuous training and are given proper recognition for taking care of our clients’ needs. If you have just spoken with our project managers by phone, why not stop by and meet them?

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