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Follow these simple tips to save money on your translations and localizations.

  Wherever possible, provide the document electronically in its original format In particular, PDF documents can slow down the translation process considerably. If your document is a PDF, then it may originally have been created with a desktop publishing tool like FrameMaker, QuarkXPress, PageMaker or Acrobat (or indeed Microsoft Word). We can translate those formats faster and more cheaply.

  Make sure your text is final before requesting the translation
Making changes to a translation in progress slows the process down, and can be expensive.

  Check your document for errors customer service
Be especially careful to double-check people’s names and titles, product names and figures.
  Avoid cultural clichés, elaborate plays on words, excessively colloquial terms, and company jargon not defined in a corporate glossary
Our translators are good, but they have their limits. If we have to call you to clarify a point in the source text, that means we both lose valuable time. A text to be translated is not a good place to coin new expressions in the source language.
  Tell us if you wish us to handle conversions
We can handle most types of conversions (metric to Imperial measurements or vice versa, Fahrenheit to Celsius etc).
   Tell us who the translation is for
This allows us to prepare the translated document with your target audience in mind. It really matters if your advertisement is to run in the UK, Ireland, the US or all three.
   Send us any reference material you may have
Provide any previously-translated materials/glossaries for your particular industry or company which may help to clarify technical terms or company jargon.
   Plan well ahead
A translator needs one full day to translate in the region of 2100 words. If you allow enough time for the translation process, you’ll avoid paying an extra urgency charge.
   A picture paints a thousand words
Send us any photos/images/icons that will accompany the translated text.
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