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8% of our annual turnover invested in IT systems

In today`s highly competitive environment, companies need to constantly define new strategies to stay one step ahead of the competition. Agostini Associati’s technology solutions help our clients to:

  Accelerate time-to-market

  Reduce translation costs

  Improve the quality and consistency of multilingual content
  Guarantee consistency in brand voice, style, and look-and-feel


Security for your extremely confidential information.

Most of our clients` translations contain extremely confidential information that needs to be handled both carefully and efficiently. That is why Agostini Associati is fully committed to using the latest and most advanced tools to guarantee you the best possible level of service.

Our IT and security facilities include: 

  Language technology tools: where we make use of language software including: spelling and grammar checkers, terminology finder tools, computer-assisted translation software, concordancers, terminology alignment programs, and parallel texts (databases of text segments in a source language and their translations in one or more target languages). These tools assist our translators, editors, and proofreaders to quickly turn projects around and ensure the highest quality translation and terminological consistency in all media and across all documents. We work with all major file formats (MS Office, PDF, HTML, XML, RTF etc) and we use the most popular operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX and Linux among others). Use an unusual file format? Chances are we use it too, choose from: FrameMaker, QuarkXpress, XMetal, Flash, Crystal Reports, RoboHelp, WebWorks, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, IIS, Apache, PHP...

  Tried and tested confidentiality: Confidentiality is the most important component of our information security systems. We perform frequent external network vulnerability tests to guarantee that access to your data and databases is permitted only to securely identified users. Our staff is trained to prevent attacks using what are known as "social engineering" techniques (e.g. attempts to acquire passwords or other confidential data by masquerading as the client over the telephone). Ask your current translation provider how they handle IT confidentiality: without specific tools to ensure IT confidentiality, there might easily be unauthorized disclosure of your data. If your company has special confidentiality needs, please contact us - together with our IT security partner, we can develop a tailor-made plan (data encryption with public-key and single-key systems, etc.) for your requirements. 

  Business continuity planning (BCP): In the last year we instituted a full BCP system with a special procedure for rapid resumption of partially or completely interrupted critical functions after a disaster or disruption. Statistics show that companies that do not invest enough time and resources in BCP preparations are unlikely to survive a disaster. For any translation provider, a lack of availability of computing resources represents a disaster in itself. We spend considerable time and money to guarantee you access to your data.

We would love to tell you more about our IT security system, but for security reasons we can`t say any more! If your company is one of our main clients, please contact us - our IT security partner will be delighted to answer your questions.

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