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Real Time Translations for the Website

RCS Media Group S.p.A. is the holding company for the RCS Sport division, publisher of La Gazzetta dello Sport (GDS), the biggest-selling daily paper (of any kind) in Italy.

The Giro d’Italia is the world’s second biggest cycling event after the Tour de France.

For the fifth year running, RCS Sport chose Agostini Associati for the real-time translation of the daily stage reports for the Giro d’Italia into four languages: English, French, German and Spanish.
RCS Sport needed to translate the original Italian content into English, French, German and Spanish. All translations had to meet the following requirements:

QUALITY: the translated articles had to be of high quality overall, and in an appropriate journalistic style.

TIGHT DEADLINES: the GDS finished its articles every evening by 5:30. Translations of these articles into 4 languages then had to be immediately produced, checked, proofed and approved to go on-line in real time.

TERMINOLOGICAL CONSISTENCY: the translated articles had to use the language and terminology of cycling journalism and had to be uniform in all languages and formats.

MULTIPLE HEADLINE PROPOSALS: every headline in every language had to have several alternatives to provide the editor with options in terms of both tone and layout.

TELEPHONE & EMAIL SUPPORT before, during and after the editing process for each and every article.


Agostini Associati supplied the following to RCS Sport:

REAL-TIME publishing services for the entire duration of the Giro d’Italia, with an in-house team of native speakers for each of the four languages: English, French, German and Spanish.

Each native speaker had at least 5 years’ professional experience in translating journalism for national and international publications. The translations were then passed to editors who rigorously conducted 12 checks, guaranteeing the highest possible quality within the deadlines required by RCS Sport.

A terminological platform for cycling journalism created especially for the Giro, researched beforehand and updated throughout the race.

Full language support during all stages of the Giro, before the articles were produced.

RCS Sport rated the translation and localisation services provided by Agostini Associati as follows:

V QUALITY of TRANSLATION: “good, particularly suited to sports journalism”

V RESPECT for DEADLINES: “always on time”


V RESULTS for “Gazzetta.it” website during the Giro: “excellent, much better than 2005”

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