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RCS Media Group S.p.A. is the holding company for the RCS Quotidiani division, which publishes the 2 main Italian daily newspapers including “La Gazzetta dello Sport” (GDS).

For the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics GDS decided, for the first time in its history, to publish some of its newspaper content in two languages – Italian and English – for the entire Winter Games.

GDS made this decision because of the global nature of Torino 2006 and the significant presence of foreigners and opinion leaders in Italy at that time.
GDS needed to translate its journalism content into ENGLISH. All translations had to meet the following requirements:

QUALITY: the translated articles had to be in an appropriate journalistic register and had to be high quality.

TIGHT DEADLINES: the GDS journalists submitted their articles each day at around 11pm. Immediately the content had to be translated, checked, proofread and approved for printing by 12pm.

TERMINOLOGICAL CONSISTENCY: the language and terminology used in the articles, which covered over 60 sporting disciplines, had to be consistent throughout the period of publication.

MULTIPLE HEADLINE PROPOSALS: for each headline in Italian, GDS wanted several alternative translations to choose from, for reasons of space/final page layout options.

TELEPHONE SUPPORT AND CONSULTATION before, during and after the article editing process.

Agostini Associati supplied the following to GDS :

REAL-TIME journalism translations available through the night for the entire Winter Games, with a team of native speaker translators with experience of journalism for major titles in the English-speaking world. As well as translators there were proofreaders who rigorously applied quality checks, guaranteeing the highest possible quality within the deadlines required.

A terminological platform, created especially for the GDP-Daily Olympics project, for winter sport terms. This served as a reference for all content to be translated into English.

Full language support and project management at night during the Olympics, before going to print.

GDS rated the translation and localisation services provided by Agostini Associati as follows:


V RESPECT for DEADLINES: “excellent, even at night”

V TERMINOLOGICAL CONSISTENCY: “appropriate terminology was ensured with attention to detail by native speaker translators”

V Impact on sales of “Gazzetta dello SPORT” during the period: “we have no sales figures, but we received a lot of praise for the articles in English (which was a totally new development)”

V OVERALL EVALUATION OF THE SERVICE: “A reliable partner for communicating well in a foreign language"
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