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Fashion Industry Translation

Translation for the field of Fashion and Luxury Goods
Agostini Associati, a professional translation agency based in Milan, hub for the fashion and luxury market.

With regard to fashion translation, Italian professional translation agency Agostini Associati, specializes in the following services:
  • Translation of web sites and metadata (title, description, and alt attributes for images) in an SEO perspective, to facilitate the positioning on Italian and foreign search engines. We translate corporate and e-commerce websites, blogs, software and mobile applications dedicated to fashion for major brands. 
  • Translation of institutional or viral videos, we take care of the translation and subtitling.
  • Simultaneous or consecutive commercial interpreting, for the presentation of collections, product launches or product lines, and corporate events

  • Translation of marketing materials, with adaptation of content based on language differences, we take care of the translation of brochures, press releases, advertising campaigns, product sheets, fanpage presentations, newsletters and press kits 
The translations dedicated to the fashion industry are characterized by a captivating and incisive style of communication, in order to capture the attention of the market and maintain the full effectiveness of the original text also in the translation.

Therefore, our professional translators involved in translating fashion texts are required to carefully evaluate the content so that they can adapt it in the most correct and appropriate way to the cultural and stylistic features demanded by the market.

Agostini Associati employs over 1000 native speaker professional translators, who are required to have many years of experience in the field, dealing with the localization and translation of texts that our customers (over 70% of the companies listed on FTSE MIB) assign to us.


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