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Professional Interpreters in 60 languages - Agostini Associati`s quality Interpreting services

Agostini Associati provides you with the best professional interpreters in the market with native fluency in their particular language pairs. All of our certified interpreters have passed a rigorous selection process and all have successfully completed our special ISO 9001:2008 training programme. Our interpreting services incorporate  industry specific terminology expertise that give our clients the best interpreting solutions available .

Language skills are becoming increasingly important as a result of globalization, which has increased wordwide migration and the use of e-commerce.
To secure client satisfaction and loyalty, research shows that companies need to give all their customers equal access regardless of the language they speak.



Contact an Agostini Associati Project Manager today for more details or for a cost estimate.

Interpreting services in 100 languages

Agostini Associati currently offers in 100 languages, with languages being added or retired according to customer demand. Our range of interpreting services includes:

  • Technical and business interpreting: The qualifications and industrial experience of our interpreters allow you to successfully wrap up a technical meeting or finalize a sensitive deal in a foreign language.
  • Simultaneous interpreting: Our interpreters ensure that your convention, press conference or live television/radio broadcast will always have excellent results.
  • Consecutive interpreting: Without having to resort to simultaneous translating equipment, our interpreters stay by your side, translating for you with impeccable style and dependability.
  • Additional services: Simultaneous translating equipment for conventions, tape/DVD/CD/MP3 transcriptions, conference calls.

All our interpreting services are available throughout Italy and in the major business cities worldwide with 1`s notice.




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