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The Best Italian Marketing Translation!

Agostini Quality Translations provides professional Italian marketing translation. We translate marketing materials to promote products and services to new countries or to new target markets. Request a free quote today.

Our translation and localisation solutions improve the quality of communication across all regions and channels, building brand value and motivating customers through local languages and cultural references.

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In the last year Agostini Quality Translations translated over 621 marketing documents such as brochures, international advertisements, flyers, press kits, press releases, promotions, company profiles, product presentations and Website texts. We also developed 125 advertising copy adaptations in the last year.  This is evident from several FMCG companies who chose us because they needed to be sure that the foreign-language versions of their ad copy would deliver the same message as the original. Our Italian translation services are performed by native speaker professional translators. We are specialised in Italian Language Translation, which includes Italian marketing translation, Italian legal translation, Italian financial translation and Italian website translation.

 Tip on Online Press Releases | Companies can check the effectiveness of their online multilingual press releases by putting the press release headline (or part of it) in Google`s Search box and verify its popularity on the Web.

Our Italian translators are professionally qualified native speakers with at least 5 years of experience in the marketing sector. Project allocation is based on the translator`s level of expertise. Our Italian translations are proofread and edited by a second translator to guarantee the highest possible levels of quality.
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Italian language, along with English, are the languages we work the most with. We provide translation services in 100 languages. 
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The localization of advertisements is a highly complex process, which if not afforded close attention, can produce bewildering, amusing, ineffective or even offensive results, great embarrassment, and costly results for the company involved. Famous slogans or brand names that have become lost in translation include:  Scandinavian brand Electrolux’s “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux” ad campaign in the US and Clairol’s introduction of the “Mist stick” in Germany (where “mist” is slang for “manure”).

The key to developing a successful localized advertisement and producing a faithful marketing translation, is to understand that advertising concepts and ideas are intrinsically linked to the culture in which they originate, and to the values and behaviors that define a specific way of life. A straightforward literal translation of, say, an English advertisement into Italian, risks losing the subtleties and even the meaning of the original text, and therefore its efficacy.

When producing a marketing translation, translators are primarily tasked with going beyond the meaning of words in order to convey the intended  message and idea, while producing and disseminating the information in a culturally adept style.  In terms of language, this may mean asking whether certain choices made by the advertiser, such as the use of wordplay through rhyme, alliteration, or metaphors, have viable equivalents in the target language or whether an alternative solution is required. Questions that are important to keep in mind when developing localized advertisements include: Will the translated ad message have the effect the advertiser is seeking or does it need to be modified for cultural or linguistic reasons? Can certain concepts be transferred into the target language or should they be adjusted to take account of the different behaviors, perspectives, and attitudes in a certain country? And, perhaps most fundamentally, does the final marketing translation succeed in arousing the interest of the intended target audience?

For Agostini Quality Translations, leading provider of Italian translation and interpreting services and partner to some of the largest international communication agencies, the key to producing clear culturally sensitive Italian marketing translations is having skilled professionals that understand the complex differences that exist amongst cultures. Their in-depth  knowledge  of Italian language and culture allows for expert support for those companies wishing to seek new diverse markets; thus ensuring the clear deliverance of their message when confronting new markets.

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