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Those that work within the mass market sector  know that both communication and image are critical factors for the success that may be achieved in the pertinent market.   Important to having a successful company image in a foreign market is one’s quality and consistency in multilingual translations.  For example, the ‘simple’ translation of a product’s label requires linguistic competence, legal verification, and an attentive evaluation of the market.

This is evident for multilingual translations for nutrition  labels  going into the US market.   To save on translation costs, we recommend our clients to always begin with US English (which is legally controlled/monitored by an American lawyer) and afterwards translate into other languages (from which we recommend Spanish, since in the US there are approximately 50 million Hispanics and various other distributing channels that also require the Spanish language).  The existing norms in the US, also give credence that there are other important languages for imported products; therefore, making it necessary to translate the entire message (including legal event texts) into other languages.  This means, for example that if the same regulations are used in France (where the legal norms are diverse from the US), some of the American legal texts would sound a bit comedic in French!

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Another factor that should be kept in mind is that when asking for an Italian to English translation of a nutrition label for the US market, it is necessary to include in the English target text  all of the ‘nutritional facts.’  These nutritional facts include:   number of calories, total fat, and the relative subdivision between saturated and unsaturated fat, amongst many more.   It is, therefore, necessary to pay close attention to the ‘simple’ translations of nutritional ingredients from Italian to English.

For your communication with foreign markets, we have the ability to provide fast and culturally adapted translations. Agostini Associati works with leading FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) companies in Italy and Europe in various different categories including Cosmetics, Toys, Health and Well-being, Beverage and Food, Pet Food, Fashion, Electronics, Telecommunications, Hi-tech and many more. Agostini Associati understands that communicating with new and diversified target markets is a key factor for success in a fast-growing global market.

We can give you the local insight that you need in your translations, thanks to our local professional translators (75% of our staff is local).

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