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Website Meta Translation: Title, Description and Keywords

On a website, as well as translating page content into a foreign language, it is also advisable to localise other key elements that are highly relevant to search engines: title, description and keywords.
This service is ideal for websites that have already undergone natural optimization in the source language, i.e. for which titles, descriptions and keywords have already been created for every page (or the main pages).

The localisation of the title, description and keywords is highly important because these elements, known as metadata, are the first to be viewed on the pages of Google* or other search engines following a query. The metadata is not present in the page text but in the HTML code.

Traduzione Titolo Descrizione Parole Chiave

Translating the Title (technically indicated in the HTML code with <Title>)
The title corresponds to the first blue line of text in search results on Google* or other search engines. The title is very important because it is the first line read by the user, and the line he or she will click on to access the relative page on your site. In the example below, the title has been localised in English to "Italian Translation Services - Agostini Quality Translations" (English homepage of the Agostini Associati website). The <Title> is similar to the headline of a newspaper article.
 Title and Description Translation
Descrizione Translating the Description (technically indicated in the HTML code with <Description>)
The description is found on the second and third lines of each result and offers a more in-depth explanation (usually 120 characters) of the title. The aim of the description is to supplement the title message and convince users to carry out a particular action (e.g. request a quote, register to a newsletter, fill out a questionnaire…). In the above example, the description is the part of the text that begins "Agostini Quality Translations ..." and ends "... our Translations are ...". It is essential to have a description on the webpage and to localise it in the user language to increase the probability of people visiting your site. The <Description> is similar to a brief summary of a newspaper article.

Translating Keywords (technically indicated in the HTML code with <Keywords>) 

Keywords are another item of metadata in the HTML code that contribute to positioning your site in search engines. It is advisable to select highly specific keywords that are relevant to the text on the page. Once again, it is important to localise the keywords and identify those that are actually sought by Internet users.

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