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Why plan an Annual Report Translation?

 Convenience:  booking  in advance the translation of annual, half-yearly and quarterly report results in a significant reduction of our price list.
 Consistency:    planning your Italian Financial Translation? We can book the same translator from previous annual report translation and revise your previous annual reports.
 Investor Relator Package:   the most affordable and complete service that includes the translation of annual, half- yearly and quarterly report with the addition of a glossary that is developed by  a native speaker professional translator, which undergoes a rigorous quality control check.

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18 years of experience in the Translation of Annual Reports

Agostini Quality Translations is the leading translation company in Italy with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality certification. We provide professional services performed by native speaker experienced translators. Language translation is our business and financial document translation is our speciality. Our agency offers translation services in English, Italian, German, French, Russian, Chinese and 60 other languages.

Useful advice for the Translation of Annual, Half- yearly and Quarterly Reports

In the translation of annual, half-yearly and quarterly reports the principle criteria for translations is that of uniformity:

  Uniformity of Terminology- Intra-textual:  annual report terminology (denomination of financial statement items, evaluation criteria and applied accounting principles, etc.) should be uniform in all parts regarding the accounting documents.

 Uniformity of Terminology- Inter-textual:  both the annual report terminology and the company terminology must be uniform in all of the documents that are returned to the Investor Relator, which include:  financial statements, explanatory notes, and management reports, etc. of each accounting document ( that is annual, half- yearly and quarterly reports).

 Uniformity of Dates:  the format of the date could vary and change according to the country of origin (e.g. US American English:  December 31, 2008 vs. British English:  31 December 2008); once one of these formats is chosen it is important to maintain the same consistency throughout the annual report translation.

 Uniformity of Currency:  currency indicators must be consistent throughout the entire document; to guarantee uniformity the application of ISO codes for currency values is recommended.

Agostini Quality Translations thanks Sonia for her collaboration


Continuously Updated Financial Glossary 

Translation services in 100 languages:
 Statutory and Consolidated Financial Statements
 Social Reports
Half -yearly and Quarterly Reports 
Annual Financial Reports | Reports to Shareholder

Agostini Quality Translations has developed a financial glossary that is constantly updated and periodically trains its native speaker professional translators.


Translation of Social Reports

A Social Report  is a presentation of accounts of social and environmental responsibility from major multinational companies.  According to a 2008 study conducted by Kpmg, approximately 80%  of 250 major companies (reflective of sales revenue) worldwide issue a sustainability report with a net increase,  in stark contrast to previous years where very few companies  developed one.

It is important to translate the social report as a responsible communication that reaches a multicultural and multi-ethnic public in order to strengthen shareholder credibility and improve the quality of information.  In accordance to Kpmg’s study that took into account 100 companies with the highest sale proceeds in 22 countries, Japan is the country that produces the largest number of sustainability reports (88%), followed be the United States (74%);  while Italy places seventh (59%).   At the end of the list are the Czech Republic, Mexico and Denmark.

Agostini Quality Translations is your professional language partner for the Translation of Social Reports, as well as for the Annual Report Translation thanks to over 18 years of experience and its native speaker specialised translators. 

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