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Innovative solutions for consistent terminology

In today’s competitive world consistent terminology is absolutely vital, because the perceived quality of a product or a service is often linked to the quality of the accompanying documentation.

If you want your company to be perceived consistently well across multiple markets and languages, then it is vital to translate key words, sentences, claims, payoffs, and abbreviations in the same way, even if they appear in different media like Websites, brochures, guides, and annual reports.

Statistics show that market leaders define their corporate terminology across multiple languages and then pursue that terminology across company divisions over time.

Agostini Associati has a wide-range of integrated terminology services in over 60 languages, carried out by native speaker professionals specializing in different industries.

Our best-selling terminology services include:

   Corporate Glossaries: Consistency across all your multilingual documentation

   Corporate Style Guides: One style across all your multilingual documentation
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