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International Tenders

The Agency`s role of translation in international tenders
The business opportunities of an international tender often conflicts, for many companies, the difficulties that language barriers involved.
If it is true, that the tender document must be provided in all languages of the EU countries, it is equally true that very often is translated summaries, and full documentation is provided only in the original.
Agostini Associati is language partner of many companies participating in international tenders, dealing with:

Bandi gare d`appalto


  • translation of the complete documentation of the race from the original language into other languages
  • offer translation into the language of the country where the event is run
  • translation of other tender documents
  • required sworn translations and authentication

Agostini Associati also ensures accuracy in the translation of documents (to prevent errors or defects in shape affect the invitation to tender by the company customer), the deadlines set by the contract for the delivery and confidentiality, also on behalf of employees involved in the project.  

The translations for international bidding projects are complex and involve several translators with expertise:
  • Legal, contractual standards for translation
    Financial, part of the offer for the economic
  • Technical specifications of the industry, for the translation of technical specifications and details of the services required in the tender
  • Agostini Associati was the first Italian translation company certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and one of the first in Europe to have passed the compliance with European standard EN 15038 (specification for translation companies). In addition to professional translation into 100 languages, Agostini Associati, provides its customers, and calls for the translation of international competitions, native speakers with at least 5 years of experience in specific and innovative security systems for document exchange.


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