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Excellent Customer Service

The quality of Agostini Associati’s customer service is legendary. If a client calls one of our Project Managers with a problem, they know it will be addressed as a priority.

Why have over 500 leading companies chosen us as their language provider for top quality translation, localization and interpreting services in all language pairs?

Because we care about your time, and that is why our project managers are always available when you need help!

Agostini Associati’s biggest priority is building long-term relationships with its clients. For this reason we have set up a specific customer service department with a single goal: to help with anything that facilitates the purchase and ease of use of our translation and localization services. Each client has a project manager assigned to them, who actively responds to inquiries, urgent matters, troubleshooting, and complaints.

How do we guarantee great customer service in the translation, localization and interpreting services we provide?

  94% customer loyalty rate

  87% of all phone calls answered within two rings in the last year

  Efficient project management

  Always open for urgent and big projects

  Customer-friendly service

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